What is Breathwork?

In a Holotropic Breathwork session, participants lie down in a darkened room, and are instructed to breathe following a pattern meant to induce a non-ordinary state of consciousness. Specifically curated music plays through the length of the experience. One’s breath induces changes in both the psyche and the body, anchoring and defining their journey. Holotropic […]

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Breath Workshops

Our Breath Workshops are based on the Holotropic Breathing method with modifications (detailed at the end of this page): Our workshops run twice a month with a maximum of 10 participants. Bookings are handled on Eventbrite. The workshops book quickly, we keep a waiting list so let us know if you are interested in a […]

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A Method of Therapy and Self-Exploration

This paper describes the essential components of holotropic breathwork and the course of a holotropic session, and summarises the complementary approaches that can facilitate a good integration and follow-up of the session. Furthermore, this paper describes briefly the therapeutic potential of this technique, and also consider the physiological and biochemical mechanisms that might be involved […]

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Benefits & Cautions

Research has been conducted with regards to Holotropic Breathwork effectiveness. While our method is not strictly speaking the original Holotropic, we are remaining close enough to the original approach to feel confident about extrapolating. Breathwork help with emotional healing and personal growth. Holotropic breathing has the potential to bring about improved self-awareness and a more […]

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About Just Breath

My credentials in short: Grad Dip Psychology studying towards a Masters, Hypnotherapist, Grof Transpersonal Breathwork Facilitator – training in progress, Mindfulness-Based Therapy – training in progress, Yoga teacher, Martial Artist I will be opening a practice by the end of 2019, focusing on Breathwork, Neuro Emotional techniques, Mindfulness-Based Therapy. My interest in breathwork started many […]

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